Welcome to the town, folks!

Welcome to Fort Edward – New York

It is one of the nicest and visitor friendliest towns around.

Ft.Edward is proud of its rich history, which dates back to early Indian settlements that formed a trail north to what today is Lake George. The town was also involved in the French and Indian wars. Fort Edward has played a role in the American Revolution, too. There are several museums which are dedicated to showing the town’s visitors its early years.

Ft.edwards-homeLocated in the Glen Falls area, and situated only about 50 miles north of Albany, Fort Edwards is a stepping stone to activities in Vermont and Adirondacks.

The streets are lined with quite trees and make the place really pleasant to the eye. The folks in the town are very friendly with strangers and are always ready to help, tell you a story or give you directions to the most important places around.

So, enough talking, come and enjoy one of the hidden gems in Adirondacks.

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