Top running trails in Ft. Edward

1105 routes spreading over 51 courses. Magnificent nature trails or secure urban running. It is your choice! Trails vary in length from just over 0.8 miles to 15 miles and even one 275miles trail for the runners who love the ultimate challenges. While picking out the very BEST is debatable, as everyone has different requirements for the length and surface of the trail he/she would consider best, we will list some of the best maintained, mid-length trails in the area. There are 7 trails that definitely worth mentioning in this article. Let’s look at the most popular choices in fort Edward, NY:

Ballston Veterans Bike Path

Ballston-veterans-pathWith length of just 3.5 miles over an asphalt paving, it is the perfect trail for a small morning or afternoon bike ride. Legacy of a trolley system from the early 1900s. There was an amusement park with beachfront which used to offer unforgettable moments to its visitors on the weekends. Now the asphalt path offers a nice bike tour.

Delaware and Hudson Rail-Trail

This trail is quite long with its 23,5miles, and runs over a variety of different surfaces like asphalt, gravel, cinder, grass and dirt. It offers a nice view over the rolling hills and the farms of Vermont as well as the western part of Franville.

Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Rail Trail (FJ & G Rail Trail)

Consisting of one main section and one shorter section, this trail covers a distance of over 10 miles on asphalt surface.

Champlain Canalway Trail: Glens Falls Feeder Canal Trail

Champlain-CanalwayThings get more serious with this 9 miles long trail paved with crushed stone. It begins at the Feeder Dam in Glens Falls, and then follows the Hudson River and turns south from Champlain Canal to Ft Edward. It is perfect for running or a long walk.


Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail (aka Albany County Rail Trail)

Another mid-length trail that is suitable only for runners and pedestrians at the moment is almost 5 miles long. It is covered with gravel and crushed stone.

Lye Brook Falls Trail

One of the most suitable trails for senior citizens, small kinds and those who prefer just a small walk. It is barely over 2 miles and runs through Green Mountain National Forest near Manchester which offers nice and relaxing surroundings.

Zim Smith Trail

zim-smith-trailThis 7.5 miles trail connects the towns of Halfmoon, Round Lake Village, Clifton Park, Malta and Ballston Spa. It is considered the backbone of the new trails in Saratoga County. The trail runs on asphalt, crushed stone and dirt.

With that many choices you can be sure that there will be something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a short walking with a friend, if you like a challenging running trail or even if you are into long bike trails, the town has you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Get a friend, your running shoes or your bike and one of the maps listed here. I’m sure you will spend an enjoyable afternoon. Just pick one of the trails listed here in the resources section.



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