Man injured with a knife turned into car key

The strangest of accidents occur on really strange places. However this strange accident took place at the most strange place possible.

A woman cut her boyfriend’s hand in a police parking lot at Fort Edward’s Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Should have used simple keys

Should have used simple keys

The woman with initials B.P. is 53 years old – 4 years senior to her 49-years old partner J.S. The incident happened early in the morning at around 7:40am in from of the Sheriff’s office. The victim and the woman have gone to the police station after a heated row at their home in Kingsbury. Apparently the arguments were not only verbal and at some time JS received a cut on his hand.

It turned out that the knife used by the woman was not a regular knife. They used it instead a key to the car. The actual key is thought to have been lost and they decided to use a knife instead. This is pretty weird given the wide range of knives available today and the low cost of making a new car key.

The sheriff made a statement describing the whole situation. The police believes that BP has not cut her boyfriend intentionally. After the row, BP grabbed the knife they used to ignite their vehicle in order to drive off. JS tried to stop her and a struggle between the two began. It was then when JS received the cut.

The sheriff reported that BP was charged with “an offence of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle”.
This is a third degree misdemeanor according to N.Y. Code – Section 511 . She could be charged with a fine between 200 and 500 USD and/or imprisonment up to 3 days.

Further information was not available at the time of writing. This article will be updated once further information is released.

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