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We’ve decided to make a small collection of the most interesting museums in the US. While we are proud in all attractions that can be found in Ft.Edward, there are many more interesting but not so well known places that one can visit. We’ve decided to gather here the museums that impressed us.

First on our list is the outdoor oil museum

Their exhibits were collected over many decades in Texas. The displayed machinery is from the oil boom from the 1918. Whole three generations of oil workers in the family have removed mud from their leather oilfield work boots.

How the museum started

Antique machines, cable tool sprudders and oilfield engines stand near the family’s home in Burkburnett. The display includes a minimalist building which was called home by an oilfield worker and is now used as office from the Felty family.

If you look around you will see rows and rows of drilling pipes and  tons of different equipment that is still in use today. Big concrete monument with built in rocks still stands today. It is a popular stop for school buses and curious students that come from all parts of the country to breathe and see this part of the history.

The museum also has machinery from the pick of the oil boom that includes truck-propelled spudders that were once used for drilling welts, power sources with band wheel and steel beam pumping unit.

The senior Felty wanted to build a place where old timers could visit, walk around a actually touch the equipment. He wanted to keep their memories alive. He was amused at the way families visited his museum, and under the scorching heat the wives would stay in the air conditioned cars while their husbands would stop and walk around to relive their memories from their good old oilfield days.

However, this museum is not only for the oil drillers and their families, busses loaded with children will often visit, too. The younger kids would really enjoy the whole visit.

Location: Burkburnett, Texas

Phone: 940/569-2651


Felty Outdoor Oil Museum

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