Welcome to the town, folks!

Welcome to Fort Edward – New York

It is one of the nicest and visitor friendliest towns around.

Ft.Edward is proud of its rich history, which dates back to early Indian settlements that formed a trail north to what today is Lake George. The town was also involved in the French and Indian wars. Fort Edward has played a role in the American Revolution, too. There are several museums which are dedicated to showing the town’s visitors its early years.

Ft.edwards-homeLocated in the Glen Falls area, and situated only about 50 miles north of Albany, Fort Edwards is a stepping stone to activities in Vermont and Adirondacks.

The streets are lined with quite trees and make the place really pleasant to the eye. The folks in the town are very friendly with strangers and are always ready to help, tell you a story or give you directions to the most important places around.

So, enough talking, come and enjoy one of the hidden gems in Adirondacks.

Interesting Museums: Felty Outdoor Oil Museum


We’ve decided to make a small collection of the most interesting museums in the US. While we are proud in all attractions that can be found in Ft.Edward, there are many more interesting but not so well known places that one can visit. We’ve decided to gather here the museums that impressed us.

First on our list is the outdoor oil museum

Their exhibits were collected over many decades in Texas. The displayed machinery is from the oil boom from the 1918. Whole three generations of oil workers in the family have removed mud from their leather oilfield work boots.

How the museum started

Antique machines, cable tool sprudders and oilfield engines stand near the family’s home in Burkburnett. The display includes a minimalist building which was called home by an oilfield worker and is now used as office from the Felty family.

If you look around you will see rows and rows of drilling pipes and  tons of different equipment that is still in use today. Big concrete monument with built in rocks still stands today. It is a popular stop for school buses and curious students that come from all parts of the country to breathe and see this part of the history.

The museum also has machinery from the pick of the oil boom that includes truck-propelled spudders that were once used for drilling welts, power sources with band wheel and steel beam pumping unit.

The senior Felty wanted to build a place where old timers could visit, walk around a actually touch the equipment. He wanted to keep their memories alive. He was amused at the way families visited his museum, and under the scorching heat the wives would stay in the air conditioned cars while their husbands would stop and walk around to relive their memories from their good old oilfield days.

However, this museum is not only for the oil drillers and their families, busses loaded with children will often visit, too. The younger kids would really enjoy the whole visit.

Location: Burkburnett, Texas

Phone: 940/569-2651


Felty Outdoor Oil Museum

Top running trails in Ft. Edward

1105 routes spreading over 51 courses. Magnificent nature trails or secure urban running. It is your choice! Trails vary in length from just over 0.8 miles to 15 miles and even one 275miles trail for the runners who love the ultimate challenges. While picking out the very BEST is debatable, as everyone has different requirements for the length and surface of the trail he/she would consider best, we will list some of the best maintained, mid-length trails in the area. There are 7 trails that definitely worth mentioning in this article. Let’s look at the most popular choices in fort Edward, NY:

Ballston Veterans Bike Path

Ballston-veterans-pathWith length of just 3.5 miles over an asphalt paving, it is the perfect trail for a small morning or afternoon bike ride. Legacy of a trolley system from the early 1900s. There was an amusement park with beachfront which used to offer unforgettable moments to its visitors on the weekends. Now the asphalt path offers a nice bike tour.

Delaware and Hudson Rail-Trail

This trail is quite long with its 23,5miles, and runs over a variety of different surfaces like asphalt, gravel, cinder, grass and dirt. It offers a nice view over the rolling hills and the farms of Vermont as well as the western part of Franville.

Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Rail Trail (FJ & G Rail Trail)

Consisting of one main section and one shorter section, this trail covers a distance of over 10 miles on asphalt surface.

Champlain Canalway Trail: Glens Falls Feeder Canal Trail

Champlain-CanalwayThings get more serious with this 9 miles long trail paved with crushed stone. It begins at the Feeder Dam in Glens Falls, and then follows the Hudson River and turns south from Champlain Canal to Ft Edward. It is perfect for running or a long walk.


Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail (aka Albany County Rail Trail)

Another mid-length trail that is suitable only for runners and pedestrians at the moment is almost 5 miles long. It is covered with gravel and crushed stone.

Lye Brook Falls Trail

One of the most suitable trails for senior citizens, small kinds and those who prefer just a small walk. It is barely over 2 miles and runs through Green Mountain National Forest near Manchester which offers nice and relaxing surroundings.

Zim Smith Trail

zim-smith-trailThis 7.5 miles trail connects the towns of Halfmoon, Round Lake Village, Clifton Park, Malta and Ballston Spa. It is considered the backbone of the new trails in Saratoga County. The trail runs on asphalt, crushed stone and dirt.

With that many choices you can be sure that there will be something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a short walking with a friend, if you like a challenging running trail or even if you are into long bike trails, the town has you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Get a friend, your running shoes or your bike and one of the maps listed here. I’m sure you will spend an enjoyable afternoon. Just pick one of the trails listed here in the resources section.



Selection of shoes for demanding feet

The best trails in FT Edward

Maps of all trails in the area

Ft Edward is creating more healthy places to live, work and play

The recreational opportunities in smaller cities are usually limited. People don’t have many options to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Even less are the options that are given by the municipalities themselves.

However in Fd Edward, this is changing. A new program funded by the New York Health Department, with the code name CHP2LWP (Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play) is promoting health within the small communities. The program focus is on making eating healthier and staying physically active much easier. It focuses on prevention and cutting tobacco out of our lives.

The first part of the project started in 2011 and was completed by October the same year were the “Complete streets”. Complete streets are streets that can be used by anyone – pedestrians, motor cyclers, cyclers, and drivers. The funds of the program covered street striping, crosswalk marking, and bike lane and street signage for two main streets. The idea is to make the street a safer place. To make it much easier to go to the shops, to cross the street and ride bicycle.

The second funding focused on park revitalization. The funding made it possible to promote physical exercises and activity for all members of the community regardless of age, abilities and sex. As more and more studies suggest that the physical activity among individuals very much depends on the readily available parks and recreational facilities. More opportunities for physical activity means better physical and mental shape, improved social well-being and stronger economy.

Having the opportunity to practice sport for free is simply amazing. With these efforts the department of health successfully fights obesity and related chronic diseases. Studies show that even the smallest change in personal activity strongly correlates with reduced heart diseases. It is a win-win situation for all as Americans are taking a huge step towards being healthier and happier, and it means less burden on the health system.

Below is the map of the free recreational opportunities that you can find in Fort Edward, NY:


Full map is here (PDF file): Fort Edward Recreational MAP

In the fall of 2011 the program funded 7 workout stations around the city (shown on the map as Adult Exercise park) to form a new fitness trail around the pond on McIntyre Street. All you need is just a pair of sneakers – good crossfit shoes like these will do and a comfortable tracksuit and you can start exercising.


  • Take a good look at the map and decide which of the new opportunities is for you
  • Be prepared – don’t go out in your office suit or in your pajamas. Commit to exercising even before you head out of the door – put on your workout clothes.
  • Bring bottled water – dehydration is a silent enemy, especially at an older age
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience!

Man injured with a knife turned into car key

The strangest of accidents occur on really strange places. However this strange accident took place at the most strange place possible.

A woman cut her boyfriend’s hand in a police parking lot at Fort Edward’s Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Should have used simple keys

Should have used simple keys

The woman with initials B.P. is 53 years old – 4 years senior to her 49-years old partner J.S. The incident happened early in the morning at around 7:40am in from of the Sheriff’s office. The victim and the woman have gone to the police station after a heated row at their home in Kingsbury. Apparently the arguments were not only verbal and at some time JS received a cut on his hand.

It turned out that the knife used by the woman was not a regular knife. They used it instead a key to the car. The actual key is thought to have been lost and they decided to use a knife instead. This is pretty weird given the wide range of knives available today and the low cost of making a new car key.

The sheriff made a statement describing the whole situation. The police believes that BP has not cut her boyfriend intentionally. After the row, BP grabbed the knife they used to ignite their vehicle in order to drive off. JS tried to stop her and a struggle between the two began. It was then when JS received the cut.

The sheriff reported that BP was charged with “an offence of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle”.
This is a third degree misdemeanor according to N.Y. Code – Section 511 . She could be charged with a fine between 200 and 500 USD and/or imprisonment up to 3 days.

Further information was not available at the time of writing. This article will be updated once further information is released.

Golub Corporation to build a market in Ft.Edward

Golub corporation has unveiled its intentions to take over the old building on the Grand union. As you all know we have been aggressively seeking company which would build a market in fort Edwards and it seems that finally our efforts are going to be rewarded. Our nice community would have a brand new Market 32.

Grand_Union_Fort_EdwardNYThe Golub corporation prepares to open its first three markets in Wilton and Clifton Park, NY and Pittsfield, MA as well as in Sutton, MA.


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